How to Curl Hair

How to Curl Hair

How to Curl Hair – Do it for Your Spouse 

In this modern era, styling hair has become very common. You see women with beach curls and tight curls everywhere at weddings, parties, probably on every occasion. People spent too much money at curling hair but you can curl your hair professionally at home with good curling tools and little skills at hand.

That is the reason that many women like to buy the best curling iron for beach waves. Although curling hair seems like a walk in the park, actually it is not that easy. Curling your hair wrongfully might damage your hair which is not evident right now but it will be in the long run. Using curling iron in the wrong fashion might lead to dull, dry, damaged hair and split end. There is a proper guide that is needed to be followed for professional-looking curly hair with minimal damage.

Guide to curl your hair:

We know that hair is prone to damage if overheated. First of all, you need to determine how much heat can your hair stand. And keep in mind that curling hair with some ordinary curling iron will put your hair in harm’s way.

The first step you need to follow before curling your hair is to buy some good quality curling iron and then proceed for the styling session. After you have located a good curling iron for your hair then you have to prepare your hair so that they can stand the heat. Preparation step includes the following tasks:

  • The first step is to wash hair. Note that you should use a good quality shampoo that would moisturize your hair. You need to moisturize your hair as much as possible before applying heat as heat will dry this moisture.
  • After that dry your hair and apply hair conditioner and heat protectant spray and use clips to make sections of your hair. Dividing hair into sections eases hair styling process.

After you have prepared your hair to be heated you need to identify which type of curling iron do you have? Whether its curling iron, curling wand or automatic motorized curling iron. If you have a curling iron or curling wand you can follow the same steps however using motorized curling iron is different but not difficult at all.

Curling hair with curling wand/iron:

  • Turn on your curling iron and set the temperature that best suits your hair.
  • Take one section of your hair at a time starting from the root of your hair and fold it around the barrel.
  • If you have curling wand then you would have to hold your hair by hand if you have curling iron then the clip will do the work.
  • Hold hair around the barrel for five seconds.
  • Move to the lower section of hair putting as many curls as you want and repeat this for all sections of hair.

Curling hair with a motorized curling iron:

Motorized curling iron might seem fancy is but very easy to use. There is not much for you to do while using an automatic curling iron. Just take a section of hair near the root and out it the hollow section made for hair. Press the start button and it will suck up the complete section of your hair. Release your hair after some time depending upon the type of curls you want.

After you have styled your hair you can hair spray to make your curls stay.



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